Sperm Storage

At Cryos we can freeze and store your sperm for later use.

Prices: Sperm analysis (per sample) EUR 65.- Freezing (per sample) EUR 173.- Mandatory health test (a one time payment) EUR 150.-* In case of call-in duty outside normal opening hours a fee of EUR 347.- is charged.

*) It is mandatory to be tested for anti-HIV 1/2, HBsAg, anti-HBc, and anti-HCV according to the directions of the Danish Ministry of Health. You can also have it done elsewhere and bring it to Cryos. These tests cannot be older than 1 month prior to your first sperm sample.

Deposit fee (excl. VAT (25%))
Independant of numbers of ejaculates Price 
3 months EUR 44
6 months EUR 77
1 year EUR 132
2 years EUR 221
3 years EUR 309
4 years EUR 397
5 years EUR 485
10 years EUR 904

One month before expiration we will send you a renewal reminder.

What to do: Contact one of our departments.
In case of acute need for help outside opening hours - click here.