Delivery to authorized healthcare professionals

To accommodate Danish legislation, Cryos International Denmark no longer distributes directly to private addresses. We only distribute to approved tissue centers, fertility clinics, hospital departments and authorized healthcare professionals. Thus, if you meet the definition of an authorized healthcare professional, Cryos International Denmark can distribute to your private address.

Who is an authorized healthcare professional? 

The definition of an authorized healthcare professional can vary from country to country. We kindly ask you to check what defines a healthcare professional in your own country. If you are an authorized healthcare professional, you have to verify this to Cryos before the delivery of donor sperm can be approved. Please upload your license and/or certificate to let us know, that you are a tissue center, fertility clinic, hospital department or an authorized healthcare professional.

An authorized health care professional in Denmark – as an example 

In accordance with the Danish Ministry of Health, the definition of an authorized healthcare person is described as a person with a written authorization as evidence of health education. The authorization gives both responsibility, rights and duties in the performance of professional activities.  

In Denmark an authorized healthcare person is: 

  • Doctors
  • Dentists  
  • Chiropractors  
  • Nurses  
  • Midwives  
  • Occupational therapists  
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Biomedical laboratory scientists 
  • Clinical dieticians  
  • Radiographers  
  • Clinical dental technicians 
  • Opticians  
  • Optometrists  
  • Podiatrists 
  • Health assistants

Please check your own country’s definition of an authorized healthcare professional. The same definition may apply. 
If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service