In this section we have gathered information and answers to a lot of relevant questions. Download our folders, watch our videos, and find valuable information in our Questions & Answers section.

Questions & Answers
What is a straw? What is an exclusive donor? What does MOT mean? What is the difference between an Extended and Basic donor profile? You can find the answers to these and all of your other questions about donor sperm.

Information folders and instructions
 You will find all of our information material available for download here. You will also find both the instructions manual for home insemination as well as a presentation of Cryos in various languages.     

Books to read
We have gathered a small collection of books about being a family with donor children. We recommend these books to our customers who want to know more about the subject and who are thinking about starting a family. 

Ethical Questions
Among other things you can find ethical discussions about sperm donation, about being a Non-anonymous donor and about the donor child’s rights when growing up.

Our video gallery contains a number of videos that help you e.g. to handle donor sperm, Cryos' recommendations regarding donor sperm and other videos.