Quota Reservation

The quota reservation guarantees that you can use the donor throughout your treatment, and for siblings*, even if local quotas have been reached since your first purchase. Remember to reserve straws for siblings.

Under Donor search you can check whether the country where you will be treated requires a quota reservation. You can do this by typing in your country of residence and the country where treatment will take place.

The price for the Quota Reservation depends on the anonymity of the donor.

Quota Reservation for an anonymous donor: EUR 200
Quota Reservation for a non-anonymous donor: EUR 350

A Quota Reservation is fully refundable if a pregnancy is not obtained. In order to cancel your Quota Reservation you must first confirm that you are not pregnant and have no straws or embryos left for future treatments.

If you wish to refund, please login to your profile.

Please contact Cryos if you have any questions.

*In Norway a quota reservation is needed for each pregnancy, since the pregnancy quota is 8 children in 6 families. See the rules for Barnrett.