Prices and Payment

The total price of your donor sperm order depends on the choice of donor, straw type, motility and shipping method. Additionally, for some countries, there will be an extra cost for a Quota Reservation.

In the following, we review the different factors affecting the cost of donor sperm. Secondly, we look at the Quota Reservation and delivery. At the bottom of the page you will find information about payment options. If you have further questions regarding prices and payment do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

Calculating the total cost of your order

Donor type

Your choice of donor type affects the total cost because some types of donors are more expensive than others: An ID Release Donor is more expensive than a Non-ID Release Donor and a donor with an Extended Profile is more expensive than a donor with a Basic Profile.

You can also choose to get access to adult photos of selected ID Release Donors (with Extended Profiles) for the extra price of 200 EUR excl. VAT for 3 months access.

IUI or ICI straws

Another factor that influences the total cost is the choice between IUI and ICI straws. The choice depends on your treatment method. The cost of IUI straws is higher than the cost of ICI straws due to the extended laboratory process.

Sperm motility

The sperm quality, referred to as motility or MOT, also affects the total cost. The higher the motility the higher the cost. Your choice of motility depends on your treatment method and whether you (or your female partner) are suffering from fertility problems. Learn more about our recommendations for which motility to choose here.

You can see the price for the different options mentioned above and the available stock under each donor in our Donor Search.

Please note that the donor sperm is delivered in 0.4 ml or 0.5 ml straws. We offer a 20% discount on 0.4 ml straws. The discount has already been deducted from the prices in Donor Search.

Quota Reservation and delivery

Depending on your country of treatment, once you have chosen a sperm donor and your ICI or IUI straws with the right motility, the price for your Quota Reservation is automatically added to your order.

  • Quota Reservation for a Non-ID Release Donor: EUR 200
  • Quota Reservation for an ID Release Donor: EUR 350

Prices do not include VAT 

Finally, you need to choose your delivery method. The cost for delivery will also be added to the final price, You may want to check with your clinic if they have a preferred shipping method prior to placing your order.

Use the drop down menu below to see the different prices and the transport time. Note that the prices are in EUR excl. VAT and are valid as of February 2019:

Only for shipments to Denmark**
Service Price EUR excl. VAT (25%) Durability incl. shipment date from Cryos
Denmark dry-ice EUR 57 3 days
Denmark large dry-ice EUR 83 5 days
Denmark nitrogen tank (incl. return) EUR 87 7 days
Denmark large nitrogen tank (incl. return) EUR 145 12 days
**) Excl. the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

For shipments to Europa (outside Denmark)
Service Price EUR excl. VAT(25%) Durability incl. shipment date from Cryos
Europe dry-ice EUR 174 3 days
Europe large dry-ice EUR 200 5 days
Europe nitrogen tank (incl. return) EUR 241 7 days
Europe large nitrogen tank (incl. return) EUR 299 12 days

For shipments outside Europe*
Service Price EUR excl. VAT (25%) Durability incl. shipment date from Cryos
Rest of the world large nitrogen tank (incl. return) EUR 472 12 days

*) For shipment outside Europe a deposit may apply: EUR 1200)

Please note that for orders received after 12.00 AM on the weekday before shipment there will be a late-order fee of 95 EUR excl. VAT. Late-orders can only be processed if paid by credit card.

How to pay

You can choose to pay online by credit card or via bank transfer. Payment by credit card is the safest and fastest method of payment and it provides us the opportunity to process your order faster.

Payment by credit card

Online purchases can be made using a debit/credit card. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Dankort.

If you choose the bank transfer option when you place your order online, it is also possible to subsequently complete the payment with a payment card through the payment module.

Visa  Visaelec  Mastercard  Dkkort

When the payment is done by credit card a transaction fee will apply. 

Payment by bank transfer

If you pay by bank transfer, please remember to indicate the order ID when making the payment. You will find your order ID in the headline of your order confirmation email.

Your order will be processed as soon as we have received your payment in full. Please be aware that a bank transfer might take up to 3 working days before it reaches our account. Only when we have received your payment in full, your order can be sent.

Use the drop down tables below to get bank transfer information:

Danske Bank A/S
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K.
Branch no.: 3627 Account no.: 0002630699
IBAN no.: DK 2330000002630699

Bank transfer - payment in EUR (for clients with residence in the euro zone; Euroland)
Danske Bank
Zweigniederlassung Hamburg
P.P. Box 101522
20010 Hamburg
Account no.: 4989143859
IBAN no.: DE 65203205004989143859

Bank transfer - payment in EUR
Danske Bank A/S
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K.
IBAN no.: DK8730002138818740

Cryos reserves the right to change prices and is not held responsible for any misprints or omissions.

If you have any questions regarding prices or payment, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.