Sperm donor profiles: Basic or Extended

When you select your sperm donor, you must decide whether to choose a donor with a Basic Profile or an Extended Profile.

Cryos sperm donors either have a Basic Profile or an Extended Profile. A donor can only have one or the other. It is up to you whether you want a donor profile with little information or an extensive personal description of the donor.

Sperm donor profiles: Basic or Extended

A Basic Sperm Donor Profile

Sperm donors with a Basic Profile are registered with a number such as 456, 8756 or 11250.

In these profiles you only get information about the donor’s race, ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, blood type and education/profession.

Sperm donors with Basic Profiles can, like donors with Extended Profiles, be anonymous or non-anonymous donors.

Why choose a donor with a Basic Profile?

Some people only want to know essential information such as eye colour and blood type, and do not have a desire to know any personal information about their sperm donor. If you prefer to know as little as possible about your donor, you should go with a basic sperm donor profile.

An extended sperm donor profile

Sperm donors with an Extended Profile are registered under a fictitious name (also referred to as an alias) such as ERIK, GILES, or ARAM. This is not the real name of the donor. 

The Extended Donor Profile contains the same information as the Basic Profile, but it also contains 5-6 additional documents of personal information about the donor.   

The Extended Profile includes information about his education, family background, personality, hobbies and interests. Additionally, the profiles contain a photo of the donor as a child, an emotional intelligence (EQ) profile, a handwritten message and a voice recording. Some of the Non-anonymous Donors with Extended Profiles have also provided photos of themselves as an adult. These photos are accessible behind a paywall.

Sperm donors with Extended Profiles can, like donors with Basic Profiles, be anonymous or non-anonymous.

See an example of an extended sperm donor profile

Extended Donor Profile, Childhood photo and Emotional intelligence profile:

Extended Sperm Donor Profile
Childhood photo of a sperm donor
Emotional intelligence profile


Why choose a donor with an Extended Profile?

The Extended Profile can give you a good idea about what kind of person your donor is. The profile includes a photo of the donor as a child, and this can help you find a donor who looks like you or your partner as a child.

By choosing an Extended Sperm Donor Profile, you get the opportunity to enrich the conversation you have with your child about his/her genetic origin.