Cryos supplies a selection of high qualtiy sperm-related, clinical products.


SpermFilter - Stock solution 100%

SpermFilter® - Stock solution 100% is a silane-silica based density gradient medium used in ART for separation and purification of highly motile human spermatozoa.

SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 80% - 45%

SpermFilter - Ready-to-use gradient 80% - 45% are silane coated silica particles colloidal suspension media for semen preparation in IUI, IVF, ICSI.


SpermWash® culture medium is used for semen preparation by “swim-up” for IUI or IVF, for washing of spermatozoa and/or for diluting stock solution of density-gradients.

SpermCryo All-round

SpermCryo™ is a highly concentrated cryoprotective medium used for freezing of human semen.