Ordering Donor Sperm

Before ordering donor sperm, you must choose your favorite donor. To make the search easier, you should limit your search criteria as much as possible – e.g. Standard, Profile and Type.

You should only search for sperm donors who are relevant to your search criteria. For example, if you are to be treated at a clinic, it is important that you select the correct Standard that the clinic is allowed to use. Remember also to check the pregnancy quota. You can also limit your search by selecting Anonymous or Non-anonymous. Other questions may relate to quality, how much to order, whether to reserve for later use and when and how delivery will take place. Use the guidelines below to help you through the decisions you need to make before ordering.

1. Which Standard?

If treatment is to take place at a clinic, you should make sure that the donor and donor sperm meet the legislative requirements in the clinic's home country. This is what we call Standard. If it is for home insemination, you can choose any Standard. Cryos is shipping donor sperm all over the world, and given the fact that many countries have different selection, screening, documentation and approval procedures, a sperm donor may be screened and released on the basis of different rules and regulations.

If treatment is to take place at a clinic, we recommend that you ask thr clinic whether there are special requirements or recommendations regarding Standard, quality, type, delivery or other conditions.

2. Which sperm donor type and profile?

The next step is to decide which sperm donor type and profile you want. If you are being treated at a clinic, special rules may apply, as some countries have restrictions on treatment with certain types of sperm donors. If it is for home insemination you can choose any type of sperm donor.

The following types are available:

  • Anonymous + Basic profile
  • Anonymous + Extended profile
  • Non-Anonymous + Basic profile
  • Non-Anonymous + Extended profile

You can read more about sperm donor types here.

3. Find your sperm donor

Click here to start your sperm donor search now. You can select your favourite donors by checking the checkmark box “Add to favourites” after seeing the donor details. When carrying out additional searches, you choose only to bring forward your favourite donors by choosing “Only show favourites”.

4. Pregnancy quota and reservation

You should make sure that the sperm donor has not reached the pregnancy quota. To search for donors who have not yet reached the pregnancy quota for the chosen country, we recommend that you first enter your country of residence and treatment country.

Some countries require a quota reservation to ensure their local pregnancy limits. A quota reservation enables you to use a donor by reserving a potential pregnancy.

5. Which type and quality of donor sperm?

You now have to decide which sperm quality (MOT) you want. The type of straw you choose (ICI or IUI) must conform to your form of treatment:

  • ICI: Contains unpurified sperm, also referred to as raw sperm. Used for vaginal and intracervical insemination or - following a purification procedure - for intrauterine insemination.
  • IUI: Contains purified sperm, also referred to as prepared sperm. Used for intrauterine insemination (insemination directly into the uterus) or for IVF treatment.
  • MOT: An abbreviation for 'motility', i.e. the number of motile (mobile) sperms cells per ml. For example, 'MOT10' means that there are 10 million motile sperm cells per ml after thawing.

6. How much donor sperm should I use?

Home insemination:
ICI and IUI-ready units can be used.

We recommend using 2 x 0.5 ml straws MOT20, i.e. with a minimum of 20 million sperm cells per ml, alternative for instance 1 x MOT30 + 1 x MOT10.  If 0.4 ml straws you will need 3 straws.
Units with MOT10 or higher MOT can also be used.

Units with MOT5 should not be used.

If the timing is correct, there is no need for more than one insemination per cycle. We recommend using a urine ovulation test-kit, which can be purchased from any pharmacy. Follow the instructions in the package.

IUI treatment at a clinic:
ICI and IUI-ready straws can be used.

IUI-ready straws:
We recommend using 1 x 0.5/0.4 ml straw IUI MOT10 per treatment.
Straws with a lower or a higher motility than MOT10 can be used.
We recommend that you ask your clinic for advice before you make your order.

ICI straws can be used. The sperm must be processed at your clinic prior to treatment.

We recommend using 1 x ICI MOT20 or 2 x ICI MOT10 straws or higher motility per treatment.
We recommend that you ask your clinic for advice before you make your order.

We do not recommend using the swim-up method for donor sperm that has been frozen. If ICI donor sperm is to be processed using the swim-up method, you should use 2 x ICI MOT20 straws or higher quality per treatment.

IVF and ICSI at a clinic:
ICI and IUI-ready straws can be used.

We recommend using 1 x 0.5/0,4 ml straw MOT5.
Straws with a higher motility than MOT5 can be used.
We recommend that you ask your clinic for advice before you make your order.

7. Should I order immediately or can I wait?

When you order donor sperm, you can choose to purchase for delivery or reserve donor sperm, which we then store for you. This ensures that the donor straws are available for possible delivery and treatment at a later time.

If you want to be sure to have sperm from your favourite sperm donor, you must reserve immediately. Not just for one treatment, but for all treatments and also for siblings. This way, you avoid that the sperm is sold out when you need it. Read more under Reservation.

If possible you should place your order at least 2 days prior to the desired shipping date, otherwise an express fee will be added to your order. You can select the shipping date when ordering online. Please make sure that the delivery takes place on the day before insemination/treatment at the latest. You can choose between a dry ice or a nitrogen tank delivery. Read more under. Read more under Delivery of donor sperm.

8. When you are ready to order

Begin your online order here: Donor search.
See also our Terms of Agreement.

Did you find the answers to your questions?

If not, please contact us and we will do our utmost to help you. Cryos Customer Service communicates in the following languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian Spanish and Portuguese.