Delivery of Donor Sperm

Donor sperm is shipped to all destinations around the world and is sent either in a dry ice container or in a nitrogen tank. Donor sperm can also be collected in person from Cryos.

Delivery order deadlines

You can choose the shipment date when you order online. However, the earliest shipment date is 2 workdays after your online order has been placed. With payment of an additional late order fee orders can be dispatched on the same day the order is received. The deadline for receipt of these orders is 12:00AM (CET) on the day of dispatch.

Delivery times

The times listed below apply under normal conditions. The delivery time may vary depending on the destination and other conditions.

  • European countries: 1-2 week days.

  • Rest of the world: 2-5 week days.

For some destinations outside the EU, customs procedures may delay the delivery. 

Delivery on a Saturday can be arranged for certain destinations on payment of an additional charge. Contact Cryos for a quote.

We recommend that there is someone to receive the package when it arrives. If nobody is home to receive the package, the courier might deliver it to a neighbour or take the package back to the warehouse and leave a note with further information concerning an alternative pick-up location or delivery time.

If there is no one at the delivery address at the time of delivery, we recommend that you hang a Power of Attorney on the door with a description of your wishes for the delivery.

Delivery prices

See our delivery price list here.

Dry ice CO2

Also called carbon dioxide (-79°C). The sperm straws are placed in an insulated dry ice container. We recommend only using dry ice shipments Monday to Wednesday to ensure that the shipment reaches its destination before the weekend.

When receiving the dry-ice box, it is important that the sperm straws are in constant contact with the dry ice until thawing/use.
This means NOT opening the insulated container. Be advised that dry ice shipments can only be used for certain European countries - see the list here.

The dry ice container is non-returnable.

Nitrogen LN2

Also called liquid nitrogen (-196°C). The sperm straws are placed in a canister in the nitrogen tank, which is placed inside a wooden transport box. Do NOT open the inner tank until thawing. Donor sperm should be stored in the nitrogen tank until use or be moved to another nitrogen tank at a clinic.

Documents that accompany donor sperm shipments:

  • Packing list
  • Summary document, 'Donor Characteristic & Quarantine Release' form, with the donor’s characteristics and Standard release - download example
  • Safety warning for handling of dry ice (CO2) and liquid nitrogen (LN2)
  • Instructions manual(for private deliveries)
  • Insemination kit for home inseminations (for private deliveries)
  • Instructions for return of the nitrogen tank (only for LN2 deliveries)
  • Shipping label for return of the nitrogen tank (only for LN2 deliveries)

Returning of the nitrogen tank

Together with your shipment you will receive directions on how to return the nitrogen tank, a return label and the phone number of our courier, whom you must contact to arrange for tank collection. The tank must be returned to Cryos within seven days of delivery. Otherwise Cryos will charge EUR 100 excl. VAT for tank rental per commenced week, cf. our Terms of Agreement.

For shipments outside EU a pro forma invoice for the return will be included.

Terms of delivery

DAP (Delivered At Place) in accordance with Incoterms 2010. This means door-to-door delivery, but excl. all forms of local customs formalities such as customs clearance, import clearance, customs duty, tax, etc. There are no customs formalities for shipments within the EU. Read also our Terms of Agreement.

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