Donor Sperm

Usually there are many questions to be answered in connection with ordering donor sperm. On the different subpages we will help you find the answers to all of your important questions.

The Donors

Information on our various types of donors, details about sperm donors, the choice between Anonymous and Non-Anonymous donor, and more.


Information on how the sperm donors are selected and screened.

Ordering Donor Sperm

Information on which type, profile and Standard to choose, the meaning of IUI/ICI, how much donor sperm you will need per treatment, when to order, and more.

Setting up a free account

Create a free account and get access to our sperm donor profiles

Reservation of Donor Sperm

Information on how to reserve donor sperm, how much donor sperm to reserve and the different prices for duration.

Prices and Payment

Information on prices for donor sperm, reservation and delivery together with accepted forms of payment.

Delivery of Donor Sperm

Information on nitrogen tanks, dry ice, delivery documents, and more.

Home Insemination

Information on delivery of donor sperm for home insemination.

Questions & Answers 

Here you will find more relevant questions and answers on ordering and delivery, insemination, the donors and donor sperm.

Did you find the answers to your questions?

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